Beer Festival Apps

I wrote this app in 2014 because I wanted to replace a paper programme with an app.

The main functionality I wanted was:

  • Check out a festival I was going to attend
  • See what beers were on
  • Highlight the beers I wanted to try
  • At the festival to filter by the beers I’d highlighted
  • Quickly access info about other beers - maybe filtered by the style I was in the mood for, or by which bar I was standing at
  • Rate and comment on the beer I was drinking, and check-in on untappd.

I implemented a website and API to support this functionality, and wrote the Android app for York Beer Festival (in 2014) and a general “festivals” app for any festival.

The website allows anyone to submit a new festival, and for an administrator to confirm the festival and manage the beer list (the user experience is not quite good enough to allow public access quite yet)

Future improvements I have in mind are:

  • Web functionality to match the app, and work on mobile devices
  • Add login functionality to give option to store ratings/preferences on the server
  • Share ratings / starred beers / comments with friends
  • More festival management by the festival owner

Rebrand: Ale Beer Cider

Since the aim was no longer to make separate "beer festival apps" I rebranded the app and site as Ale Beer Cider in 2021

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I'm Pete Harris and I live in York. I love beer and I write Android apps.

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