Beer List Upload instructions

Uploading a beer list must be done from a spreadsheet - we cannot accept images, PDF files or Word Documents

The spreadsheet should look something like this - see below for descriptions of the columns

Brewery Beer Strength Notes Style Bar Dispense
Titanic Plum Porter 4.9 A dark fruity stout with lots of plummy goodness Stout Main Bar Cask
Titanic Iceberg 4.1 Refreshing pale with Maris Otter malts American Pale Main Bar Cask
Turning Point Lucid Dream 5 Heaps of different malts and oats give a sumptuous, smooth mouthfeel and body Stout Outside Bar Keg


Column name Description Mandatory
Beer Name of the beer Yes
Brewery Name of the brewery Yes
Strength Beer strength Yes
Notes Tasting notes Yes
Style Style of beer, e.g. Pale, Stout Optional
Bar Where to find the beer Optional
Dispense How is the beer dispensed? Cask/keg/keykeg/can/bottle etc. Optional

Other columns will be added as extra attributes on the website/app. For example you might want to add allergies or sponsors for each beer.