Slip Inn Autumn Beer Festival 2022


Pete / 2022-09-10

Slip Inn Autumn Beer Festival 2022

Another great beer festival at the Slip Inn. We only heard about this the day it started, but luckily were able to turn up just after opening on the Saturday.

With a thirst, I started with a pint of the North Riding US Session IPA. As always for North Riding IPAs, a well hopped pale and nice to have a session strength 3.8 rather than some of their stronger American hopped beers.

We sat in the beer garden in the sun, along with a smattering of other early arrivals, some of whom were watching the cricket on the outside telly.

The second round came from the outdoor "Farrow Festival bar". I went for the Black Forest Gateaux by Sunbeam. Smelled like the pudding and didn't disappoint in taste, a nice pudding beer which has a good bitter edge.

Our third and final round consisted of some slightly silly purchases, the Cabernet Reshuffle from Turning Point was a good fruity sour. Quite dry. Had a taste of the Raspberry banana Pecan Lassi Gose at the bar, interesting body which apparently comes from the mashed banana which gives a lassi feel. Also shared a half of the Ossett Dark Materials - a strong and tasty Belgian cask beer. A winner!

Good festival all round, which according to Richard got much busier later in the day. Glad we timed it to enjoy some quiet time in the sun.