BeerTown Malton 2018


Pete / 2018-05-17

This is the fourth [Beertown Malton](Malton](, organised by Brass Castle and Bad Seed breweries at the Milton Rooms in Malton.

In previous years we'd got the train up but this time we cycled over during the day and camped nearby to enable us to stay a bit later.

This year the bar layout had changed - rather than a central island bar surrounding the barrels they'd set up two bars facing each other around the outside of the room. One side for cask, the other for keg. We thought this worked better.

We picked our first beer then sat down with the programme and starred a few that we wanted to have during the evening.

There is an excellent range of both cask and keg beer, with real cider available too. My favourites were Brass Castle's Hazelnut Mild X - another strong mild which was incredible - and Herr Simcoe by Torrside, a really tasty Black IPA/American Brown which was exactly the sort of beer I like.

As well as ther beer, the festival also offered some local food vendors (we enjoyed a scotch egg and some spicy noodles). There was live music every night this year and although the artists were good, we thought it was a bit loud while we were trying to have a chat.

As it was a Thursday night it was probably quieter than the weekend but it was still well attended and there was an obvious thinning of the crowd to catch the last train back to York (and to go home, as itwas a work night). We were lucky to be able to stay until the end and we caught a bonus unscripted performance from Ginchy Stardust - the former managers of the Falcon Tap - performing a few acoustic songs on stage. This rounded off the trip very well and we very much enjoyed the whole event.