The Great Exhibition of Prize Ales

Kirkstall Brewery has challenged breweries across the UK to dig deep into their local history, and exhibit one or more beers that provide a link to the past. Expect to be transported back in time, and taste beers recreated from recipes decades or even hundreds of years old.

Breweries exhibiting by invitation only will be pouring everything from classic Bitters and Export Pale Ales, to Milds, Porters, and Barleywines, and even oak aged Stock Ales and Imperial Stouts. Heritage styles of Lager, Saison and Brett Aged beers will also be on display, alongside some completely unique barrel aged projects and historic rarities.

Prize Medals will be awarded, judged from all exhibiting beers by a specially selected panel of judges.

There is a future in our past, and you can taste it at THE GREAT EXHIBITION OF PRIZE ALES!


Abbeydale Brewery / Adnams / Allsopp's / Amity Brew Co / Anspach & Hobday / Anthology / BeerNouveau / Black Lodge / Braybrooke Beer Co / Craven Brew Co / Docks Beers / Elland Brewery / Elusive Brewing / Fell Brewery / The Five Points Brewing Co / Horsforth Brewery / Howling Hops / Kelham Island Brewery / Left Handed Giant / Little Earth Project / Marble Brewery / North Brewing / Northern Monk / RedWillow Brewery / Ridgeside Brewing Company / Rivington Brew Co / Roosters Brewing Co / Samuel Smith's Brewery / Siren Craft Brew / Squawk Brewing Co / The Kernel Brewery / Thornbridge Brewery / Torrside Brewing / Vaux Brewery / Verdant Brewing Co / Wishbone Brewery / Zapato Brewing

Location Kirkstall Brewery, 100, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS3 1HJ
Event Ended Sat 27 May 2023
Beer List See beer list hosted elsewhere

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