York Beer Festival 2018


Pete / 2018-09-22

York Beer and Cider Festival 2018

Living in York has many benefits, one of which is the annual beer festival.

Now in its tenth year on its site on the Racecourse, this well established festival delivers a lot for cask beer lovers and the site works well with the newly built permanent toilet block a huge improvement on previous years of porta-loos.

I was able to attend on the Wednesday (cheap Camra discount day) and again on the Friday (with my ale-trail free entry).

The tent has all the casks (some 500 beers) down one side of the huge tent, which means this is (apparently) the longest bar in Europe. Some beers were kept until the Saturday session so that those unable to attend earlier still had the chance to get some big beers.

This year there was a "beer from the wood" section provided by Brass Castle and the Maine Beer Box, where wooded casks were filled with American beers before being shipped over.

The keykeg bar provided keg beer for those who want it, and most of the brewery bars provided their own keykeg setup for their own ranges.

All in all, there was a huge range of different beers for anyone's tastes and I would recommend attending in 2019