Ossett Beer Cart 2022


Pete / 2022-06-04

Ossett Beercart 2022

First festival for me for quite a while.

It's a charity beer festival organised by Morris dancers. It started in 2012 when a transport failure at a Morris event inspired an event in 2014 where the beer beercart is hauled to Ossett town hall and met by dancers from across the country. This is now the 7th year and they have raised almost £20,000 for Wakefield Hospice.

This event was on Jubilee weekend so there were extra nods to the queen and a few themed beers, but nothing over the top.

Some great beers on cask - nice range from the lighter pales at the left side of the bar to the stronger, and darker, beers at the right.

I particularly enjoyed the Black Forest Porter by Jolly Boys and the Queen Rat by Rat brewery, but all beers we had were really well kept and delivered.

The festival raises money for Wakefield hospice so the beers, programme etc. were all sponsored and I hope they raised a nice amount of money.